Emails found among the documents recently stolen from Sony by hackers have revealed what looks to be concept art for an unannounced smartphone. The “XPERIA Z Fourth Generation,” seen above, was pitched by Sony executives for product placements in the recently announced 24th James Bond flick “Spectre.”

The executives haggle over pricing for the placement of the phone, questioning whether they should pay the full $5 million for star┬áDaniel Craig to use the phone, or settle for actor Ben Whishaw’s much cheaper “Q” to show it off.

The emails note that the phones included in the back-and-forth are scheduled for “MAY/NOVEMBER of 2015.” A few other pieces of concept art in the leaked emails showed a wristband and another variant of the Xperia Z4, seen below.

Spectre is set to hit theaters in November 2015.

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