The tensions between CyanogenMod and OnePlus have been well documented over the recent months, with OnePlus even going as far as removing Cyanogen branding from its most recent shipments of phones. This morning, OnePlus teased an upcoming announcement with the tagline “Back to Basics” and now the company has revealed its own custom ROM. In a post on the OnePlus forums, the company has revealed that it is developing its own ROM that it will call Oxygen OS.

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At this point, very little is known about OxygenOS, but OnePlus did explain a few of its goals with the ROM. For one, the company says that it will continue its strategy of creating a “bold, powerful, straightforward experience,” as it did with the initial OnePlus One smartphone.

As far as reasoning for the name goes, OnePlus explains that Oxygen is the epitome of simplicity, while also being extremely powerful. The company also says that OxygenOS will be open, customizable, and free of bloatware.

As many of you know, we will be launching our own ROM in the near future. We’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what this ROM means to us and our fans. We realized that, like everything we do, our true goal is to make the product that we ourselves would want to use—to make great technology more accessible for everyone. With our ROM, that means software that is open, customizable, and free of bloat and unnecessary features.

OnePlus says it will unveil more information about OxygenOS on February 12th and reminds us to “Never Settle” until then.

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