Google and Twitter have allegedly come to an agreement for tweets to appear in search results, according to a report out of Bloomberg. During the first half of this year, tweets will begin to be visible in Google search results as soon as they are posted. As part of this deal, Bloomberg reports that Twitter is giving Google access to the entire stream of data posted and shared by its 284 million users. Previously, Google had to crawl Twitter’s site for information.

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The primary motivation for this deal on Twitter’s part was to have tweets seen by more non-users, which in turn would generate more ad revenue for the company. Twitter has seen its user growth slow recently, and it hopes that appearing in Google search results will prompt more non-users to sign-up for the service. Engineers for the two companies are already working on implementing tweets into search results, despite no official announcement from either.

Google and Twitter had a deal like this between 2009 and 2011, but Twitter chose not to renew it because it wanted more control of its content. The social network, however, has had deals in place with Bing and Yahoo for a considerable amount of time. Back in November, Twitter hinted that it wanted a new partnership with Google, smilier to what it had between 2009 and 2011. Twitter earlier this week also announced a partnership with Flipboard.

Specific details of Twitter’s deal with Google remain unclear at this point, but there is no advertising revenue involved. Instead, Bloomberg says Twitter will receive data-licensing revenue from Google. Twitter is set to release its Q4 earnings report tomorrow.

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