Fresh off their landmark deal with Apple, IBM reports that around 60% of the leading Android dating apps include vulnerabilities that risk both personal and corporate data.

The report, which didn’t examine the iOS counterparts of any dating apps, found that 60% of the apps it examined included vulnerabilities that allow for either malware, the ability to track a user via GPS or the device’s microphone or camera, or steal credit card information.   

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IBM, which is now working side by side with Apple pushing iOS software and hardware to enterprise customers, makes a point of noting that around 50% of employees at companies included in the study are using dating apps on the same device they use for work.

“Security researchers from IBM Security identified that 26 of the 41 dating apps they analyzed on the Android mobile platform had either medium or high severity vulnerabilities. The analysis was done based on apps available in the Google Play app store in October 2014.”

The company didn’t name any of the apps included in the study but said it contacted developers to inform them of the vulnerabilities. 

Earlier this month we reported that Apple was building a national enterprise sales team to work alongside IBM and target potential customers as it rolls out more “MobileFirst for iOS” apps.

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