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Google invested $542 million in virtual reality startup Magic Leap last year, and the group is reportedly working on putting together an augmented reality headset capable of displaying extremely realistic images directly onto the user’s retina. Now, Magic Leap has shared a video (which they were planning on sharing during a TED talk, but were unable to), and it gives us a little glimpse of what the group has been working on…

The clip is definitely worthy of a bit of skepticism and it’s not exactly clear what is actual working product and what’s simply conceptual, but either way, the technology that Magic Leap is working on is unbelievably exciting. We get a look at some common desktop applications projected onto the real world and interacted with via hand gestures, and there’s also a couple minutes of intense first-person shooter action.

“This is a game we’re playing around the office right now (no robots were harmed in the making of this video),” the video description says. So while some parts of the video seem to definitely be staged (like the kickback of the gun), it definitely wouldn’t be absurd to assume that some of this technology is already functional. And if they’re playing this game around the office right now, maybe the Gmail bit is a working demo too.

Check it out:

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