Coinbase today received an update on Android (and iOS) which allows users in the United States and Europe to sign up and link their bank accounts straight from the mobile app…

Previously these two steps in the Bitcoin buying process were only possible from a desktop browser, and even still, Coinbase says that not all European jurisdictions will be able to connect their bank accounts from the mobile app. For a select list of major banks, Coinbase users will be able to connect their bank accounts to the app simply by inputting the logging information they use on their bank’s website.

The Android app in particular also gained support to connect with your Google contacts, so if anyone in your contacts is a Coinbase user you’ll be able to transact with them more easily now. Older devices as far back as Android 2.3 Gingerbread are now supported, too.

Speculative purchasing of Bitcoin is a problem the greater community surrounding the popular cryptocurrency has been dealing with for a long time now. Many individuals first heard about Bitcoin through news stories focusing on its rapid rise in price and popularity, and then decided to buy some themselves in hopes of future riches. But the problem is that for Bitcoin to become a sustainable, mature, and respected currency, people need to be actually using it in transactions.

Today’s update for the Coinbase app is another step forward in making it easier to do just that — transact in Bitcoin with friends, family, and businesses. And with the transition from mobile to desktop becoming a self-reinforcing prophecy, not being able to sign up for Coinbase at all from smartphones was a big hole in the company’s efforts to push the currency forward.

You can grab the latest version of Coinbase for Android on the Play Store.

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