cryptocurrency Stories July 26, 2018

Despite the company itself looking into developing its blockchain, Google’s ads department announced earlier this year that it would be banning all cryptocurrency-related ads in an effort to combat malicious actors in the space.

Now, many reports are surfacing suggesting Google has backtracked on this policy. Unfortunately for companies in the crypto space, however, they aren’t true.

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cryptocurrency Stories April 2, 2018

Cryptocurrency may one day revolutionize finance, but until then, the new tech is still facing a number of growing pains. Mostly notably, “crytpojacking” by apps and even ads that maliciously mine currency without a user’s awareness. To protect devices, Google is now implementing a new Web Store policy that bans mining extensions.

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cryptocurrency Stories February 14, 2018

You would have had to live under a rock for the past several months in order to skip the non-stop talks about cryptocurrency this year. Massive spikes in Bitcoin value triggered a lot of people to check out cryptocurrency, and it also triggered new methods on monetizing websites…

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cryptocurrency Stories January 27, 2018

After watching Bitcoin surge to insane prices just a few weeks ago, people everywhere have a heightened awareness of cryptocurrency. As such, some websites have been looking to cash in on the tech by using advertisements to take advantage of the power of visitors’ CPUs to mine cryptocurrency. Now, it’s been discovered that attackers were using YouTube to do just that.

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cryptocurrency Stories May 14, 2015


Coinbase today received an update on Android (and iOS) which allows users in the United States and Europe to sign up and link their bank accounts straight from the mobile app…

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