For owners of a limited set of Android Wear watches running Android 5.1.1 (namely the LG Watch Urbane and ASUS ZenWatch), Google Play Music has today become a little more useful. The cloud music service from Google just received an update which allows users to navigate to music from their watch through three pre-existing features: “Listen Now,” “Recent Playlists,” and “Radio.”

The name of the game here is getting to music you’ll enjoy quickly and offsetting any deep digging to the phone. “Listen Now” returns albums, playlists, and radio stations you’ve listened to recently. “Recent Playlists” gives you songs you’ve thumbed-up, songs and playlists you’ve recently added, and free and purchased material. “Radio” is pretty self-explanatory and returns Google Play All Access radio stations.

It’s good to see browse features hitting official Google Android Wear apps which don’t try to do too much or be something for everybody. A way to save you time while on the go: what these smartwatches were meant for.