The last Chromebox we saw from ASUS went on sale over a year ago starting at a mere $179, and now the company has announced its successor today at its Computex press conference in Taipei. For the uninitiated, Chromebox’s are desktop Chrome OS computers without a keyboard, mouse, or monitor included.

The main differences with this Chromebox over last year’s are newer processors, faster 802.11ac WiFi technology, quieter fans, and significantly reduced power draw while the computer is idle. The new machine, model number CN62, sports fifth-generation Intel processors (up from fourth-gen last year), idles at a sound level of 17dB, and draws just 6W of power while idling. The new processors inside can support 4K monitors as well.

We don’t know when the device will be available, how much it’ll cost, or if there will be multiple models—the previous model started at $179 and went up from there for Intel i3 and i7 models—but ASUS will be showcasing it during Computex this week.

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