In a rumor that’s no surprise to anyone, SamMobile‘s sources have told the publication that the next Samsung Galaxy flagship will have a USB Type-C port. In this case, I think we’d be more surprised if the next Samsung didn’t feature a Type-C connector. Sammy is regularly quick to jump onboard and adopt new technologies, and whether it’s NFC, fingerprint sensors, wireless charging or Quick-Charge compatibility, the Korean tech giant has historically been among the earliest to show off their potential.,,

Most of the rumors surrounding the Galaxy S7 to date have centered on the processor being used to power the device. If early leaked benchmarks are anything to go by, the company is — at the very least — testing the Snapdragon 820 processor. If Samsung does adopt Qualcomm’s next flagship chip, it’s expected that it’ll only do so in select regions. China and the US have been rumored to be the markets chosen for the SD820-equipped Galaxy S7, while other markets will get smartphones with an Exynos processor.

If true, we should see a launch around about the usual time for Samsung: Early Spring/Late Winter 2016. Qualcomm announced a little while back that its next processor won’t be ready for mainstream until next year, which explains why the Nexus 6P launched with the SD810 and not the SD820 as was initially rumored a few months ago.

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