Google has released the latest distribution numbers for the various shipping versions of Android, with the latest version, Marshmallow, picking up a marginal increase.

Last month’s numbers showed Android 6.0 running on only 0.3% of devices, while this month’s chart puts it at 0.5%, making it the least-used version of Android except for Froyo.

Marshmallow wasn’t the only version to increase its user base. The previous build, 5.1 Lollipop also added a few new users, bring its total piece of the pie to 13.2%, up from 10.1%.

Every other version saw a drop in users over the past month, with KitKat and Jelly Bean taking some of the biggest hits. Overall usage of versions older than 4.4 KitKat took a small but noticeable hit, down from around 36% to 33%.

That number probably isn’t going to get a whole lot lower any time soon, as manufacturers and carriers take their time rolling out the latest updates to existing handsets.

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