Ford has announced that Android Auto will be coming this spring to all 2017 models equipped with its Sync 3 infotainment system. The 2017 Escape will be the first model to get it (like most car manufacturers, Ford starts selling its 2017 models early this year). The system will also support Apple’s CarPlay.

Ford was one of the first car manufacturers to sign up to Android Auto, but aside from telling us it would be integrated with its own infotainment system Sync, the company had gone rather quiet since then.

If you’re now kicking yourself that you bought a 2016 model last year, don’t worry …


Ford says that Android Auto will also be available as an upgrade to 2016 models later in the year.

In North America, Ford is making Apple CarPlay and Android Auto available on all 2017  vehicles equipped with SYNC 3, starting with the all-new Ford Escape. Owners of 2016 vehicles equipped with SYNC 3 will have an opportunity to upgrade later in the year […]

Users of Android devices 5.0 and higher can bring their smartphone experience into their vehicle safely and easily. Convenient information, including Google Maps, Google Play Music and apps are projected onto the SYNC screen, offering seamless integration of the smartphone into the car. Google voice search answers any questions customers may have also while on the road.

After a slow start, Android Auto does seem to be gathering pace after first making it into aftermarket head units last March, before Hyundai became the first car manufacturer to offer it a couple of months later. Adoption then started to accelerate, with Chevy-branded cars, Buick and GMC, Honda and Volkswagen. It was, however, rejected by Porsche.

Ford also last year launched an Android Wear app to find and control its electric and hybrid cars.

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