If Gmail was Google’s answer to email in 2004, Inbox is how the company wants everyone to do email in the future. Like Google Now, it has intelligent features that make it easier for regular users to manage their email. An update today makes search smarter so that users don’t have to dig around their messages to find something.

When users search their email for certain types of information, Google will surface the relevant part you’re looking for immediately in a card-like interface. The feature is known as quick results and works for many things:

  • Club membership numbers will be surfaced with a link to the corresponding email
  • Reservations include details about the time time/date and a link to open up directions
  • Purchased items show you what you previously bought, its arrival date, and a link to package tracking
  • Your latest bills for that month tell you how much you have to pay and by when

Underneath quick results are the top results for what Google thinks is your most relevant email to search. Underneath is the rest of the email listed in chronological order. For the most part, Google hopes that quick results will be able to answer your question without requiring users to dive into an email.

The feature is rolling out now to Android and iOS users of the app, followed by an update to the web version. See it in action below:

inbox search

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