An update to Google+ for Android will now preload webpages when on WiFi, adds notification filtering, Community moderation tools, and more in addition to other bug fixes.

Another benefit of implementing Chrome Custom Tabs in the last update is the ability to pre-render webpages. The app will only do so when users are looking at a post with a link on an un-metered network, like WiFi. (Users can set WiFi networks from hotspots as metered networks in the main Settings app under Data Usage.) As seen in the video below, the speed bump is notable.

The latest iteration of Google’s social network is aimed more at communities and collections of shared interests. The updated Android app allows Community moderators to look at the moderation queue to review and remove posts, as well as ban members. Additionally, the app’s header now hides itself when users scroll through the Collections and Community tabs.

Other updates include the ability to select multiple items to delete in the Activity Log and a new feature to filter notifications by unread, other, and all. Search autocomplete was removed shortly due to a bug and has now returned. Version 7.3 also fixes 10 bugs and addresses four accessibility issues.

The update is rolling out now via the Play Store.

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