From adding regional accents to multiple male and female voices, Google has made great strides in making computers sound more natural. According to a video posted today on YouTube, a new voice rolling out to Google Now takes that a step further…

The changes between the old and new voice are very subtle, but noticeable nonetheless. For the most part, it sounds more natural and less robotic. Some say it sounds “too real”, while some critics on Reddit find it more robotic than the current voice.

Mine literally just switched the robotic sound is completely gone it sounds amazing. No more robot sound in the background it’s extremely natural and sounds surprisingly human-like.

Regardless, the update is rolling out very slowly, as none of our dozens of devices have yet to receive it. The user who posted the video received the new voice last night and is using a 2nd-generation Moto X. Sound off (pun intended) in the comments below and tell us what you think of the new voice.

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