voice Stories April 13, 2016

You can now use a Shaq voice in Waze to mark the 2016 NBA playoffs

Waze is known for adding special voices to its app to help you navigate while on the road, and the latest is the addition of Shaq’s voice to commemorate the 2016 NBA playoffs. This follows the Google-owned navigation app featuring the voice of Morgan Freeman in February to mark the release of London Has Fallen…

voice Stories March 22, 2016


From adding regional accents to multiple male and female voices, Google has made great strides in making computers sound more natural. According to a video posted today on YouTube, a new voice rolling out to Google Now takes that a step further…

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voice Stories March 2, 2016

Google celebrates female YouTubers with two new programs

Today, Google announced ahead of International Women’s Day two new initiatives the company is using to “champion” female voices on YouTube. The first of which is a partnership with the United Nations that puts some female content creators in place to be “Change Ambassadors” for gender equality in the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Action campaign, and the second is a “global production program” that puts women in front of and behind the camera at YouTube Spaces…

voice Stories January 28, 2016


Google is now further localizing the voice in their apps for Australian users. The new accent will sound more familiar to those down under and be better able to pronounce place names and understand local colloquialisms for tasks and actions.

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voice Stories June 3, 2015


SoundHound’s first app is known as one of the best offerings when it comes to recognizing sounds. You could hum a song and the app could, fairly reliably, tell you which one you were humming. Now, the same company has released a new app, called Hound, which attempts to usurp the Google Now throne with some really impressive voice assistant technology… expand full story

voice Stories March 31, 2015

It’s been a long time coming for voice calling in WhatsApp. The company decided on an extremely dragged out rollout of the much-anticipated feature, but now it appears that anyone using the latest version of WhatsApp for Android has access to calling as many friends as they would like…

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