The latest iteration of Google+ heavily revolves around Collections and Communities. To help prevent spam and inappropriate content, Communities now have more aggressive content controls and filters that will flag posts. Google is gradually rolling out the new filters to existing communities…

Google+ is full of various communities covering numerous topics and interests. Many of them are no longer active and often full of spammy posts. Google notes the largest and most active communities are a target for racy and inappropriate content.

The new content controls are more aggressive in identifying and flagging inappropriate posts in Communities. The end result should be fewer posts showing up in the main feed and to group members, and blocked posts are sent to a queue where moderators can reinstate any false positives.

The new content control toggle is turned on by default for new communities and will gradually be enabled for existing ones. To enable now, owners of communities can go into Edit and switch on new the toggle.

Last month, Google announced a new Create program to encourage more content creation and give current creators recognition and access to early features. To apply, members must have themed collections, high-quality content, and weekly posts. Creators can expect early access to new features, verified identities, feedback forums, and getting featured.

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