spam Stories April 22, 2018

Google’s filtering capabilities in Gmail are usually excellent at preventing spam from ever hitting your inbox. However, a new variant today is cleverly bypassing those protections by making it appear that your account is the one directly sending the spam email to itself.

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spam Stories August 2, 2016

Hiya provides enhanced caller ID and spam detection on the Galaxy Note 7

Samsung has always been known to include quite a few of its own custom features with its smartphones, and its latest device, the Galaxy Note 7, is no exception. Just like the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge from earlier this year, Samsung has included dozens of great features on the Note 7 and one that you may find very useful is the built-in spam identification services.

spam Stories April 13, 2016

New Google+ Content Controls flag spam and inappropriate posts in Communities

The latest iteration of Google+ heavily revolves around Collections and Communities. To help prevent spam and inappropriate content, Communities now have more aggressive content controls and filters that will flag posts. Google is gradually rolling out the new filters to existing communities…

spam Stories July 9, 2015


Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 12.35.28 PM

While email may not be perfect and many actually loathe it, it’s still the way many businesses choose to get information out – flight and accommodation receipts, job application responses, and everything else. Google says the amount of mail that you actually want to see that is accidentally sent to the spam inbox is a mere 0.05%. But the company is all about data-driven, incremental improvements, so today it’s releasing a new tool for senders of email to better ensure their messages reach your Gmail inbox.

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spam Stories May 11, 2015


Google’s Map Maker has been getting hit hard with spam over the last few months, with one of the most recent and widely publicized incidents involving an Android logo urinating on an Apple logo in the middle of Pakistan. Now, the company is telling users of the Map Maker website that the service will be temporarily shut down as of tomorrow, May 12th… expand full story

spam Stories March 13, 2015

The failed privacy add-on offered by Google's domain registration partner

The failed privacy add-on offered by Google’s domain registration partner

More than a quarter of a million people who had opted to keep their contact details private when registering web domains through a Google Apps service have had that information made public as a result of a software glitch by Google.

Usually when you buy a domain name, your name, address, phone number and email list are all made available to anyone who wants to view them by using a WHOIS lookup service. Most domain registrars offer a way around this, where their details, rather than yours, are listed. The $6/year privacy add-on offered by Google’s domain registration partner eNom failed when the domains were renewed, leaving the customer’s details exposed …  expand full story

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