Samsung’s “Milk” line of apps — if not just because the “Milk” brand is just plain weird — have never been that popular. In fact, even the more-popular-than-most Milk Music is rumored to be on the chopping block. This one, though, might catch the eye of some. Launched yesterday on the Google Play Store, the reason for the app’s existence is to let owners of Samsung phones access Samsung’s huge library of 360-degree video content without a Gear VR headset…

With Milk VR, all you have to do is open up the app, browse through a plethora of content across dozens of categories, and click play. The videos, in all their 360 VR glory, will play directly on your phone and you can pan around them as if you were wearing a VR headset thanks to the gyroscope/accelerometer hardware inside your phone. It’s pretty much an identical experience to watching 360 video in the YouTube app.

Here’s the app’s highlight features:

• Search or browse the ever expanding library of Samsung Milk VR 360 video content • Play any video directly on your Samsung phone, even without your Gear VR headset • Explore your 360 world either by moving your phone left/right or using touch navigation • Download to play your videos in Gear VR for an even more immersive experience

You can grab Milk VR on the Play Store for free. Apparently, it only works with Samsung phones — I couldn’t install it on any devices besides my Galaxy S7 edge. I guess that’s not surprising, though, considering Milk Music and many other Samsung apps have the same restriction.

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