While they’re still “coming soon” over at the Mountain View company’s official outlet, Huawei has just launched its “Elegant” and “Jewel” women’s Huawei Watches in the US via Amazon…

The “Elegant” watch, which features a studded bezel and a white band is $450 shipped, while the fancier “Jewel” watch is $550. Yes, that’s a lot for a watch. Especially when the standard Huawei Watches recently dropped to start at just $250.

The women’s watches have nothing new in terms of specs, but both the Elegant and Jewel watches feature thinner bands, and a rounder gold casing design. The watch face itself, of course, is still round, jut like the standard Huawei Watch.

In late March, we told you that some more women’s Huawei Watch variants popped up on the Chinese Huawei site, but it’s not clear when — if ever — these will launch in the US.

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