As we reported on the eve of I/O, Google has launched a certification program to recognize development agencies that have demonstrated great competence in building apps and services. Any developer can sign up for the Agency Program and get access to dedicated training and the latest products and APIs, but the certification provides an extra step of recognition.

The Google Developers Agency Program was announced last year to help software development agencies that work with Google products. It is not limited to just firms that work on Android apps. These agencies are important to the global app ecosystem, designing and publishing dozens of the top apps every year. Many are located around the world and employ many talented developers.

As a Certified Agency, companies can feature a badge on their site and materials that will help them stand out when clients are looking for a development firm. To get the certification, development agencies have to first be a member of the broader Agencies program.

Afterwards, members can fill out this form to start the process. To be eligible for certification, Google will review participation in programs that were offered to Agencies, technical competency of staff, meeting quality guidelines in apps, and feedback from clients.

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