We’ve had the Android N developer preview for a few weeks now, but we still don’t know what the nickname for the new version will be. Speculation has been going on for months and Google even allowed users to submit their suggestions for what the name should be. Now, Google has confirmed on Twitter that we’ll be getting that name within the next few weeks.

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Generally Google releases the final release of their new OS alongside new Nexus devices (this year likely two or more), and confirms the name alongside it. Revealing the name ahead of time would certainly be a change of pace. Google has already said that we’ll be seeing more developer previews through this month and July, so ‘a few weeks’ suggests we’ll see the name pop up in one of those previews.

What are your guesses for the name? The popular choice we’ve seen floating around is Nutella, but obviously there are a few more to to choose from. Drop your guesses below!

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