Back when the OnePlus 3 first launched, we caught a glimpse of a gold OnePlus 3 in press images. However when the device finally went up for sale, only a silver color was available for purchase. The company has since been teasing the gold color variant and starting tomorrow fans of gold devices will be able to get their hands on OnePlus’ latest smartphone in “Soft Gold”.

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OnePlus describes this new color variant as a take on the gold smartphone as a softer, low-profile version of the color as it mentions on its forums,

Today, we’re introducing a new color variant of the OnePlus 3 – Soft Gold. This isn’t your typical gaudy gold smartphone. We’ve toned the color down for a light, elegant look. To complement this more low-profile take on gold, we went with a subtle texture reminiscent of holding fine, silky-soft sand. Press photos and product renders don’t do it justice; you’ll have to experience the OnePlus 3 Soft Gold for yourself to truly understand what sets it apart.

The new color variant will launch tomorrow on OnePlus’ website at 12:00pm EST for US customers. Later on it will launch in the EU starting on August 1st with Hong Kong and Canada also able to purchase the variant that day. Keep in mind that OnePlus will be selling this variant in limited quantities.

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