Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 recall is going to directly affect the company to the tune of billions of dollars, but the damage to the brand is going to affect the company in the long run in a much bigger way.

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Sales of the Galaxy S8 will undoubtedly suffer, and even for the time being, confidence in the company’s current devices is not great. While it’s true that most customers have heard about the Note 7 recall, many have simply heard about a “Samsung 7” device that was exploding. To help clarify things for S7 owners, Samsung is apparently sending users notifications to remind them that their device is, in fact, safe.

A staff member at¬†TechnoBuffalo received a message on his Galaxy S7 which¬†notified the user of the ongoing recall, and clearly stated that the Galaxy S7 “is not an affected device.” Samsung hasn’t publicly said anything about this message just yet, but it’s probably safe to assume that the company intends to push this notification to all S7 and S7 Edge owners in the near future.


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