Google’s Chrome Dev Summit kicked off today, and while there isn’t usually anything actually newsworthy out of developer events like these, the keynote did feature one interesting number. According to Chrome Engineering VP Darin Fisher, there are currently about 2 billion active Chrome browsers in existence…

This number compliments the 1 billion active users number that Google shared earlier this year — assumably the number of active installs at that time hadn’t yet passed the 2 billion milestone.

“I wanted to make this point that there are a lot of Chrome browsers out there,” Fisher said (via TechCrunch). “What’s exciting about this to you all is that when you think about building for the web, there’ a lot of browsers out there that implement the latest web standards — that implement the latest and greatest web features.”

The Chrome Dev Summit is ongoing and will continue into tomorrow, so if you’re a Chrome developer — or perhaps looking to become one — you can tune in over on YouTube. Head over to the Chrome Dev Summit 2016 website to learn more.

Here’s that livestream:

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