Google’s latest take on wireless home internet — a product dubbed Google Wifi — is set to go on sale sometime this month ,and ahead of its launch, Google has just uploaded a new video detailing just how easy it is to set up…

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Google Wifi, if you’ll recall, is a multi-point home WiFi system which automatically creates a mesh network throughout your entire home. The idea is to increase signal throughout your home, especially in large homes with multiple floors. This isn’t a new idea, but Google’s aim for Google Wifi is to make things as simple and reliable as possible and if the setup video is any indication, I’d say Google is off to a good start.

To get started, you’ll need your Google WiFi unit(s), power adaptor(s), the included Ethernet cable, and your current internet modem. You’ll also need the Google Wifi app, although it’s been rumored that this will be nothing more than an updated and re-named version of the OnHub app.  The first step in setup is obvious: plug in the USB-C power cable, then plug Ethernet into your first access point.

Once you’ve done that, open up the Google Wifi app, scan the QR code on the bottom of the Google Wifi unit, set the device’s location in your home, then enter your WiFi credentials. Your first unit will need to be plugged into a modem, but additional units will not. If you are adding additional units, simply pair them from within the same app. Google will automatically do tests to ensure you’ve got the best connection.

As mentioned, Google is expected to open up pre-orders for Google Wifi sometime this month and start shipping orders in December. A single unit will cost $129 and, according to Google’s claims, will offer better WiFi coverage compared to most standard routers available today. If that’s not enough, a 3-pack will be sold for $299.

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