According to a new report out this afternoon, Google quietly picked up a startup by the name of Undecidable Labs last month. The company’s co-founder and CEO, Cathy Edwards, is now head of engineering and product development for image search at Google, according to the report, a change which is reflected on her LinkedIn profile. Edwards was previously an Apple engineer…

Little is known about the under-the-radar startup, other than that it “focused on turning online searches into purchases” and that it “raised less than $1 million in financing” before being snatched up by the Mountain View company (via Bloomberg). The report suggests that this move reflects Google’s further interest in turning its huge image search database into a source of revenue.

Perhaps giving us a little bit more insight into what this acquisition will mean for Google’s Image Search, a designer at the startup by the name of Stefanie Kraus described the tool on her website:

The purchase research tool offers education around the product space and allows customers to customize their shortlist based on individual needs and preferences. By introducing a filtering system that takes “nice to have” and “ideal” into consideration, we make sure that the products are presented in a meaningful way.

Stefanie was listed as principal UX designer for the startup on her LinkedIn profile until October.

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