After releasing Android Nougat for the HTC 10 late last month, HTC is now pushing Nougat to the unlocked HTC One M9 in the US starting today.

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HTC was quick to announce that several of its devices, including the HTC 10 and One M9, would be updated to Nougat, but obviously, it lagged behind just a bit in pushing that update to customers. However, we’re glad to see that HTC didn’t put too much time between the release of Nougat for its current flagship and its former flagship.

For now, this update is limited only to the unlocked variant of the HTC One M9, but the company has confirmed that Nougat will be rolling out on carrier variants of the M9 starting in early 2017.

With two devices updated so far, HTC only has an update to the HTC One A9 remaining. Given the current pattern, it seems like that Nougat will begin to hit that device within the next couple of weeks.

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