It’s been a while since Android Nougat went public, but in the time since, not many OEMs have gotten around to pushing system updates to bring devices up to Google’s latest OS. With the latest monthly distribution numbers, Nougat still sits at just 0.4%, and even less can be said for the newer Android Nougat 7.1.1. Now, however, it seems like Samsung is planning to skip 7.0 and go directly to 7.1.1.

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Recently Samsung has been testing out Android Nougat for its current flagships, the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, but currently, those tests are based on Android 7.0. However, Google recently debuted a slightly newer version of Android, version 7.1.1, for its Pixel and Nexus devices. While it doesn’t add too many big changes, it does have some notable and useful additions.

In a query from a Samsung user regarding 7.1.1, Samsung replied to confirm that it would be updating the Galaxy S7 family directly to 7.1.1 instead of 7.0. That update will bring new emoji, Google’s new GIF keyboard, and “launcher shortcuts” which adds 3D-Touch-esque features to the homescreen.

Samsung has yet to confirm when Nougat will be released for the Galaxy S7, but all signs point toward a release very early on in 2017.

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