Google Play Movies & TV is one of the best sources for movies and TV shows online and as the year comes to a close, the service is offering a pretty sweet deal to anyone with a Google account ─ 50% off of any movie purchase.

Nomad case for Pixel 3

Through Google Play Movies on the web, users can redeem a coupon code which will grant them 50% off the purchase of any movie on Google Play, regardless of the cost. There are no limits in place here, except that you’ll need to buy your movie before January 23rd.

This doesn’t apply just to individual movies either, you can also cut the price of any movie bundles on Google Play by 50%. For me, that meant grabbing the Star Wars 6-movie bundle for $40, but you can also use it for any of the other bundles on Google Play, or even some of the new, pricey, 4K films. If you’re interested, head over to Google Play Movies on the web (while logged in) and look for the banner pictured below, or simply click this link.


You can also score 50% off of any album on Google Play Music as well by clicking here.

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