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June 2013 - March 2022

Google Play Movies & TV is a video on demand service available in over 100 countries around the world. It allows users to purchase or rent movies and televisions shows. The content is watchable in standard or high definition through the web, Android and iOS devices, and other set-top devices like Android TV, Chromecast, Roku, and LG Smart TVs.

Google Play Movies & TV Stories March 23

This week, Google announced another step towards the end of Play Movies & TV as it continues to push towards Google TV instead. It’s the right call, but with a headache attached for many customers.

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Google Play Movies & TV Stories January 26

How to watch Google Play and Google TV movies offline

There are a number of reasons you’d want to download and watch a movie from Google Play offline. Fortunately, with the Google TV app on mobile, that feature is built right in, allowing you to watch movies offline anywhere you go. This guide will explain the process of downloading movies as well as where you can find them.

Google Play Movies & TV Stories November 9, 2021

One of the core benefits of the Google TV app – in many areas still known as Play Movies & TV – is how it connects all of your many streaming services together under one hub. With the latest update, Google TV can now send notifications when a show or movie you want to watch becomes freely available on a service.

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Google Play Movies & TV Stories September 24, 2021

Google TV’s in-app remote that arrived earlier this week begins working after an update on Android TV devices.

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Google Play Movies & TV Stories September 16, 2021

The latest update to the Google TV app, in many areas still known as Play Movies & TV, gives us our best look yet at the upcoming phone-based remote for Android TV devices.

Update: As of version 4.28, we’re now able to preview the Quick Settings tile for the Google TV app’s upcoming remote.

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Google Play Movies & TV Stories April 12, 2021

After announcing Google TV last year, its predecessor had an unspoken expiration date. This week, Google has confirmed that it will kill off the Play Movies & TV app on several platforms in the near future.

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Google Play Movies & TV Stories September 30, 2020

Today, Google announced a new Chromecast and a new platform for the TV, the Android-based Google TV. Along with that, however, Google is also announcing a big change to how it handles your movies and TV shows. The new “Google TV” app starts rolling out today, replacing Google Play Movies and adding new features.

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Google Play Movies & TV Stories June 18, 2020

The mobile app for Google Play Movies has a handy feature that monitors other streaming services to see if a movie or TV show you’re about to buy is already available for viewing. Now, Google Play Movies has added the latest streaming juggernaut, HBO Max, to its watch directory.

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Google Play Movies & TV Stories May 20, 2020

Google Play Movies is a solid marketplace for digital movies and TV shows, but it does lack support for some newer standards. After hints in the app and teasing support earlier this year, Google appears to now be rolling out Dolby Vision HDR support on Google Play Movies.

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Google Play Movies & TV for Android tweaks search bar

There was talk last week of a possible redesign of Play Movies for Android TV. Until then, Google has rolled out a slight redesign of the search bar in Play Movies & TV on Android.

Google Play Movies & TV Stories May 14, 2020

You’d think Google’s Android TV platform would get app updates for the company’s own service faster than anyone, but that isn’t always the case. Today, we’re getting an apparent first look at a long-overdue redesign to Android TV’s version of the Google Play Movies app.

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Google Play Movies & TV Stories May 12, 2020

Google Play Movies brings free 4K upgrades to the UK for your library

Google Play Movies has been a solid marketplace for purchasing movies and TV shows for a few years and, back in 2018, it also added free upgrades to 4K quality. Now, Google Play Movies is expanding on the 4K upgrade feature in the UK.

Google Play Movies & TV Stories March 25, 2020

In the age of streaming, there are a ton of places to get plenty of content free of charge. Vudu, Sling TV, and many other platforms offer ad-supported content, and now it seems Google might be getting in on the action. According to code in the Google Play Movies app, the service may soon offer free, ad-supported movies.

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Google Play Movies & TV Stories January 6, 2020

Google Play Movies will apparently add support for HDR10+ in 2020

Google Play Movies has become a fairly good destination for buying digital movies and TV over the years and, apparently, it’s going to be adding support for HDR10+ sometime in 2020.

Google Play Movies & TV Stories December 19, 2019

Google Play Movies & TV watch directory adds Disney+ and Netflix

Besides sharing duties with YouTube as Google’s digital store, Play Movies & TV serves as a fantastic directory for seeing where you can watch content online. The service now finally supports Netflix, while picking up newcomer Disney+.

Google Play Movies & TV Stories December 9, 2019

Google Play Movies is a fine way to buy and watch digital movies, but it’s long lacked support for Dolby Vision HDR. According to some code behind the scenes, it looks like that may be coming down the road.

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Google Play Movies & TV Stories September 12, 2019

Today, you can only buy TV shows outright, with most episodes starting at $1.99 and maxing out at $3.99. The latest version of Google Play Movies & TV hints that you’ll soon be able to rent entire seasons of shows.

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Google Play Movies & TV Stories June 13, 2019

We’ve not heard much about Daydream VR for a while now, and today Google is confirming some unfortunate news. No, it’s not killing the platform, but the Google Play Movies app for Daydream VR is officially shutting down.

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Google Play Movies & TV Stories October 23, 2018

Earlier this month, Play Movies & TV for Android hinted that Google was preparing to upgrade purchased films to 4K resolution. Starting today, Google Play will automatically upgrade both SD and HD movies to 4K for free. Google is also making Ultra HD content more affordable, while also updating its smart TV applications.

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Google Play Movies & TV Stories October 12, 2018

With the roll out of 4K HDR content on iTunes last year, Apple took the notable step of upgrading prior purchases to the higher quality free of charge. Google Play Movies might be taking a similar step according to a teardown of the Android app today.

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Google Play Movies & TV Stories July 2, 2018

Google Play Movies & TV adds HDR casting to Nvidia Shield, Sony Android TVs

After adding HDR casting support to the Chromecast Ultra about a year ago, Google is this week expanding the functionality to a few select devices, all powered by Android TV.

Google Play Movies & TV Stories May 24, 2018

In March, Play Movies & TV received a big Android and iOS update that made it a hub to content found on other streaming apps, while last week Google Home gained the ability to control and Cast the service. This week, the Roku channel is being updated with a whole new design, simpler navigation, and recommendation features.

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Google Play Movies & TV Stories May 17, 2018

Since launch, Google Home has surprisingly lacked the ability to control content from Play Movies & TV. Today, Assistant smart speakers are finally adding support for Casting content to Chromecast-enabled displays and controlling playback through voice actions.

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Google Play Movies & TV Stories May 10, 2018

My favorite feature of Google Home is the ability to cast media to my TV using just my voice. The feature launched with support for Netflix and YouTube, and has grown a fair bit since launch. Now, it appears Google Play Movies is finally adding the functionality…

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Google Play Movies & TV Stories March 27, 2018

Earlier this month, Google Play Movies & TV gained a new bottom bar design that elevated the Android app’s watchlist feature. This is part of a bigger update launching today that makes the service a sort of directory to where shows and films are streaming. It is also gaining a new discovery feature to find content to watch.

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Google Play Movies & TV Stories March 12, 2018

The latest update to Google Play Movies & TV is widely rolling out with a bottom bar redesign that has been a long time coming for the Play family of apps. Meanwhile, scores from Rotten Tomatoes are integrated into every listing with version 4.2.

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Google Play Movies & TV Stories December 11, 2017

Leading up to the announcement of its latest flagship, OnePlus was repeatedly in the news for different bugs and security loopholes found on some of its handsets. Now, with the OnePlus 5T being shipped and delivered to customers, some have noticed that their latest and greatest smartphone can’t even stream HD video from some of the most popular video providers…

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Google Play Movies & TV Stories October 11, 2017

How to connect your Google Play/iTunes account to Amazon and VUDU with Movies Anywhere

Having all of your movies digitally is great because you can watch them almost anywhere. The most significant downside is that until now, you could only watch those videos within the app or service you purchased them through (unless it was a Disney movie). Thankfully, with Movies Anywhere, you can link all of your favorite services together and see all of your digital movies in one place. Here’s how to connect and disconnect your accounts from Movies Anywhere.

Buying movies digitally is a great way to build up a library, but there are a lot of places to buy from. Between Amazon Instant Video, VUDU, Google Play Movies, and iTunes, there are a lot of accounts to keep track of, especially if you are hunting for the best deal on a movie. Today, a joint effort from all of these major digital distributors is going to make buying digital movies a whole lot better.

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Google Play Movies & TV Stories September 27, 2017

Google apparently testing lower 4K movie pricing on Google Play Movies to match Apple

Earlier this month Apple announced the 4K HDR-capable Apple TV, and along with that, the company revealed that it had worked with studios to match 4K pricing with that of HD. Now, it appears that those lower prices are starting to spread to other digital movie outlets, specifically Google Play Movies.

Google Play Movies & TV Stories August 14, 2017

Peter Dinklage’s ‘Rememory’ is coming to Google Play Movies before hitting theaters

Starring Peter Dinklage, Julia Ormond, and the late Anton Yelchin, Rememory is a new movie that will be available for free exclusively on Google Play Movies starting on August 24 before being released in select theatres on September 8. The film is an upcoming sci-fi mystery featuring futuristic technology that is capable of recalling past memories.

Google Play Movies & TV Stories July 27, 2017

In line with other digital media stores, Google Play Movies & TV has a convenient feature that allows users to buy TV seasons at a discounted price if they already own existing episodes.

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Google Play Movies & TV Stories July 12, 2017

As DVD and Blu-ray sales continue to drop, more people are turning to online, digital subscription platforms like Netflix and Hulu to consume content. But if you want to own this content, you have to purchase it through services such as Google Play Movies and iTunes.

Now that 4K is becoming more popular, consumers might want to upgrade their movies to the best quality available, but with Play Movies, this isn’t possible…

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Google has been a bit slow to fully adopt 4K into Google Play Movies, but things are finally starting to pick up steam. Following the introduction of 4K content into its library earlier this year, Google is now expanding that to HDR as well.

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Google Play Movies & TV Stories June 2, 2017

As development continues on Android O, more Google apps are beginning to support picture-in-picture mode. Play Movies & TV is the latest, with version 3.26.5 (via Android Police) adding it to devices running the developer preview.

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Google Play Movies & TV Stories April 24, 2017

The 2017 Nvidia Shield TV is one of the best set-top boxes you can buy, especially for 4K content. It’s one of the only Android TV devices to stream Amazon Video in 4K, and it pushes 4K HDR content without skipping a beat. Now, Nvidia has announced that its streaming box supports 4K content from Google Play Movies.

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Google Play Movies & TV Stories February 8, 2017

Google Play Movies & TV switches to a dark background in latest update

The Google Play family of Android apps usually remain visually consistent with one another. However, recently, they have been diverging with Play Books and Play Newsstand gaining a bottom bar for navigation. The latest deviation has Play Movies & TV adopting a darker background throughout the app.

Google Play Movies & TV Stories December 22, 2016

You can currently save 50% on any Google Play Movies purchase

Google Play Movies & TV is one of the best sources for movies and TV shows online and as the year comes to a close, the service is offering a pretty sweet deal to anyone with a Google account ─ 50% off of any movie purchase.

Google Play Movies & TV Stories December 6, 2016


Following a premature rollout last month, 4K movies are now available in the Google Play Store. First launching in the US and Canada, 125 movies ranging in price from $7.99 to $29.99 can be rented, purchased, and streamed on select Android TV devices and the Chromecast Ultra.

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Google Play Movies & TV Stories November 17, 2016

Google Play Movies lands in 10 new Middle Eastern countries, Vietnam

Google is continually updating its “country availability for apps & digital content” support document, and today it was updated with 11 new countries for Google Play Movies. Ten new countries in the Middle East, plus Vietnam, will as of today be able to buy and rent films straight from the Google-run service.

Google Play Movies & TV Stories March 17, 2016


T-Mobile is expanding its Binge On initiative that allows users to stream content in certain apps without using up their data allowance, and with today’s update YouTube and Google Play Movies are now officially supported.

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Google Play Movies & TV Stories December 10, 2015

Google Play Movies & TV on iOS updated w/ AirPlay support, cellular streaming, more

Google today has pushed a beefy update to its Play Movies & TV app on iOS that bumps it to version 2.0.7910 and brings several new features. The update gives the app a refreshed interface, AirPlay support, recommendations, and more.

Google Play Movies & TV Stories November 17, 2015

LG Smart TVs gaining access to Google Play Movies & TV

LG says that its line of webOS and NetCast 4.0 and 4.5 smart TVs are getting access to Google Play Movies & TV. With access to this service, users will be able to watch previously bought movies and shows as well as buy new ones from the Play Store.

Users will also be able to start watching content on their LG Smart TVs resume watching later from their smartphone, tablet or PC, LG said a press release.

The ability to buy and watch movies will be rolling out to LG Smart TVs in 104 countries starting this month, while the TV service will first roll out to US, Canada, UK, and Australia.

Google Play Movies & TV Stories October 8, 2015

Google Play Movies & TV hits 1 billion installs on the Play Store

Just a couple weeks ago, Google Play Newsstand hit the 1 billion install mark on the Play Store, and now another one of Google’s apps has achieved the same milestone: Google Play Movies & TV. As you might expect, other more-popular Google-made apps like Google Maps and Gmail, alongside Hangouts, Play Music, and others, managed to pass the 1 billion mark a while ago.

Outside of Google, however, not many apps have reached this number. There are a few third-party apps from Facebook — like Messenger, the Facebook app itself, and Whatsapp — that have accomplished this feat, but that’s about it.

Passing 1 billion installs isn’t surprising for Play Moves & TV considering the app comes pre-installed on most Android phones, but it’s worth noting that not all of Google’s stock apps have come anywhere close to this milestone. Google Docs, for example, which comes shipped on all Nexus devices and others, is only in the 50-100 million range.

Google Play Movies & TV Stories October 5, 2015

Latest Google Play Movies & TV app update makes binge watching shows even easier

Google today has updated its Play Movies & TV app to version 3.9 with a couple of new features and bug fixes. The standout new feature of the app with this update is a new feature called binge watch. Binge watch is a capability that will automatically plays the next episode in the season of a show a user is watching.

Once the credits of the show start to play at the end, a small thumbnail will appear in the lower right corer of the display with the number and title of the next episode, as well as a timer. Once the timer hits zero, the next episode will automatically begin to play. Users can also tap on the thumbnail to immediately jump to the next episode, or swipe right to stop autoplay (via Android Police).

Next up, the update improves the process of setting up a Roku device through the app. Users can now setup a Roke through a new “Connect a device” option in the Settings menu. Google also notes that the update adds support for Android 6.0 Marshmallow and includes a variety of bug fixes and under-the-hood improvements.

  • Android Marshmallow support
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements
  • Easier setup for Roku devices
  • Binge watch for TV episodes

The latest version of the Play Movies & TV app is available now on the Play Store.

Google Play Movies & TV Stories November 5, 2014


Google appears to be feeling generous yet again. Last week, the search giant treated a few of its subscribers to a free digital copy of Sandra Bullock’s critically acclaimed Gravity and now the company is continuing its push of complimentary films with free access to Fox’s X-Men.

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Google Play Movies & TV Stories October 26, 2014


Every now and then, the folks in Mountain View will throw us a bone in the form of some free entertainment from Google Play Music or Google Play Movies & TV. Today, the company responsible for the world’s largest search engine has decided to do the latter. If you direct your smartphone, tablet or web browser to Play Movies, there’s a chance that you’ll see a free movie available to add to your collection.

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Google Play Movies & TV Stories June 20, 2014

Google Play Movies arrive in 21 new countries


Google has opened up access to Google Play content in ton of new countries in recent months, but today we get one of the largest expansions yet with Google Play Movies arriving for 21 new countries. The full list of new countries (below), which includes Greece, Poland, Croatia, and Thailand just to name a few, brings the service’s availability up to a total of 90 countries worldwide (via AndroidPolice).

Google’s full list of supported countries for Google Play Books, Movies, Music, and more is here.

  1. Albania
  2. Argentina
  3. Armenia
  4. Azerbaijan
  5. Belarus
  6. Croatia
  7. Czech Republic
  8. Estonia
  9. Greece
  10. Kazakhstan
  11. Kyrgyzstan
  12. Lao People’s Democratic Republic
  13. Latvia
  14. Lithuania
  15. Moldova
  16. Poland
  17. Slovakia
  18. Tajikistan
  19. Thailand
  20. Turkmenistan
  21. Uzbekistan


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