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June 2013 - May 2018

Google Play Movies & TV is a video on demand service available in over 100 countries around the world. It allows users to purchase or rent movies and televisions shows. The content is watchable in standard or high definition through the web, Android and iOS devices, and other set-top devices like Android TV, Chromecast, Roku, and LG Smart TVs.

Google Play Movies & TV Stories May 24

In March, Play Movies & TV received a big Android and iOS update that made it a hub to content found on other streaming apps, while last week Google Home gained the ability to control and Cast the service. This week, the Roku channel is being updated with a whole new design, simpler navigation, and recommendation features.

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Google Play Movies & TV Stories May 17

Since launch, Google Home has surprisingly lacked the ability to control content from Play Movies & TV. Today, Assistant smart speakers are finally adding support for Casting content to Chromecast-enabled displays and controlling playback through voice actions.

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Google Play Movies & TV Stories May 10

My favorite feature of Google Home is the ability to cast media to my TV using just my voice. The feature launched with support for Netflix and YouTube, and has grown a fair bit since launch. Now, it appears Google Play Movies is finally adding the functionality…

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Google Play Movies & TV Stories March 27

Earlier this month, Google Play Movies & TV gained a new bottom bar design that elevated the Android app’s watchlist feature. This is part of a bigger update launching today that makes the service a sort of directory to where shows and films are streaming. It is also gaining a new discovery feature to find content to watch.

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Google Play Movies & TV Stories March 12

The latest update to Google Play Movies & TV is widely rolling out with a bottom bar redesign that has been a long time coming for the Play family of apps. Meanwhile, scores from Rotten Tomatoes are integrated into every listing with version 4.2.

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Google Play Movies & TV Stories December 11, 2017

Leading up to the announcement of its latest flagship, OnePlus was repeatedly in the news for different bugs and security loopholes found on some of its handsets. Now, with the OnePlus 5T being shipped and delivered to customers, some have noticed that their latest and greatest smartphone can’t even stream HD video from some of the most popular video providers…

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