From updates that disable charging to Samsung releasing an official explanation next week, the Galaxy Note 7 disaster is finally winding down. While 96% of phones have been recalled, Verizon (via Fortune) notes that “thousands” of Note 7s are still in use, with more steps being taken to encourage a return.

According to Verizon, “thousands” of subscribers are still using the Note 7 despite an update on January 5th that disabled charging capability.

It’s likely that those who still have the Note 7 are intentionally keeping the device rather than being just unaware of the ongoing recall effort. If that’s the case, ignoring a software update is not too difficult a task for tech savvy individuals.

As such, the carrier is instituting a new plan on the network-side that places the Samsung device in a special category. All outgoing calls made from a Note 7 will be redirected to Verizon customer service in further hopes of encouraging a return. The only exception will be for calls to 911 emergency services.

Verizon is also contemplating charging existing users the full retail cost of the phone having already reimbursed customers last year.

With the phone presenting a clear risk to the safety of existing users and those around them, Verizon continues to offer a waived upgrade fee and up to $100 of service credit for those who return the device today.

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