Google Photos does a great job of automatically organizing your photos based on their EXIF data, but sometimes that data isn’t exactly correct — leading to some out of place photos in the timeline. On the desktop version of Photos, it’s pretty easy to edit the time and date of a photo with just a few clicks, but that functionality has long been missing from the mobile apps. That’s about to change…

As found in a teardown of the app (via XDA), there’s a new “edit_datetime_icon” string that contains text describing an icon that will “allow the user to edit the date/time of the media.” The change was found in version 2.7 of Google Photos, which is rolling out now, although the feature might not actually be live until a future version of the app is released.

In the current version of the app, you can click the “i” icon to see basic information about your photos, but you can’t edit any of this information other than the description. Since you can easily edit the date and time of a photo from the desktop, it’s good to see the mobile app at least getting feature parity. If you don’t use the desktop version, it can definitely be frustrating when a photo is out of place with seemingly no way to fix it.

<string name=”photos_mediadetails_details_edit_datetime_icon_content_description”>Edit icon to allow the user to edit the date/time of the media.</string>

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