Live streaming on YouTube has been around in one form or another for quite some time, but only on the desktop. Last year YouTube teased mobile live streaming, but has been fairly selective on what channels had the feature enabled. Now, YouTube is finally expanding that rollout to any channel that has 10,000 subscribers or more.

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Built directly into the YouTube mobile app, creators will be able to quickly pick up their device and get a livestream started almost immediately. Simply tap the streaming button, enter a title, set a thumbnail, and you’re good to go. Creators will also have options available such as private livestreams¬†as well as the ability to notify¬†their subscribers about going live.

Better yet, creators with access to mobile live streams will also be able to access YouTube’s new ‘Super Chat’ feature to accept donations directly via live streams from generous fans. Viewers who donate will be able to pin a message to the chat stream for as long as 5 hours depending on the amount they donate and, obviously, the length of the stream.


During testing, YouTube worked with creators to streamline the overall streaming experience, including slowing down chat and pushing for better streaming quality across the board. Right now, all major creators and many minor should have access, but if you haven’t quite reached YouTube’s 10,000 subscriber requirement, don’t worry, the company has confirmed that the feature will be rolling out to more creators “soon.”

It’s unclear if Google is pushing out this change via an app update, or if it is being enabled on YouTube’s end on an account by account basis.

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