Google acquired Webpass last summer, and the gigabit internet provider has lived on since under its own name despite being functionally similar to Google Fiber. Today, Google has announced that Webpass service is expanding to Denver, Colorado…

Residents of Mile-High City whose buildings are wired with Ethernet will soon have the option of contacting Webpass for access to gigabit internet service. Google says that the company has identified its first apartment complex to get the service:

Webpass is adding a new pin to the map today: Denver. The company has identified its first apartment community to receive Webpass service. Residents across the Mile-High City, whose buildings are wired with Ethernet, will be able to contact Webpass and sign up for superfast Internet service — up to a gigabit per second!

While you can’t sign up for service in Denver via Webpass’ site just yet, you can head over and input details about your apartment complex to be considered for Webpass service. As mentioned, Webpass requires that buildings already be wired with Ethernet.

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