Webpass Stories January 30, 2018

A few months before Google Fiber paused deployment at the end of 2016, it purchased point to point gigabit internet provider Webpass. Today, it surfaced that the acquisition is planning to pull out of its Boston market.

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Webpass Stories February 22, 2017

Google acquired Webpass last summer, and the gigabit internet provider has lived on since under its own name despite being functionally similar to Google Fiber. Today, Google has announced that Webpass service is expanding to Denver, Colorado…

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Webpass Stories January 30, 2017

Google Fiber map now also shows six cities where Webpass is available

Google acquired Webpass — another longtime provider of gigabit internet — last year, and now Google has added six cities where you can get super-fast internet through the service to its Google Fiber map. You’ll now see the option to get Webpass for Boston, Chicago, Miami, San Francisco, Oakland, and San Diego…

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