With a 2nd-generation Huawei Watch all but confirmed for MWC, the first images of the Android Wear 2.0 device have leaked (via VentureBeat). The new model drops the shiny, luxury watch look of the original for a “sportier” appearance, while also adding cellular capabilities.

The Watch 2 will reportedly feature the same 42 millimeter size and 1.4-inch circular display. Processor, battery size, and other specs have yet to leak, but today’s images likely point to the presence of NFC for mobile payment. Specifically, one watch face features a credit card icon that is likely a shortcut for Android Pay.

Like on the first model, one physical button is offset at 2 o’clock, while a new second button resides at the 4 o’clock position. Charging is still handled by contact pins, while time marks will be physically printed on the perimeter of the watch.

One particularly interesting hardware detail is the mechanism to access the Watch 2’s nano-SIM. Instead of needing to screw off the rear plate, like on the LG Watch Sport, Huawei requires users to first remove the bottom watch strap before accessing a compartment with the tray.

There are at least three official color variants available. All feature a black face, with body and strap colors coming in black, orange, and a speckled gray with yellow accents.

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