Each year we see design trends in the smartphone market. In the past, this meant changing to more premium materials such as glass and metal or adding a fingerprint sensor. This year, it appears that every company is attempting to make a near “bezel-less” smartphones. Are you a fan of this design change?

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

When the Google Pixel was announced late last year, one of the biggest consumer complaints revolved around the size of the top and bottom bezels. Similar complaints have been made about other flagship phones in the past.

Last year, we got our first look at the Xiaomi’s Mi Mix which virtually had no top bezel. This year, we have already seen the LG G6, leaked images of the Samsung Galaxy S8, and a sneak peek of Andy Rubin’s upcoming Essential smartphone. Each of these handsets attempts to minimize the amount of bezel around the displays. This technique allows for a larger screen size while keeping the phone’s footprint relatively small. The downside is that you lose valuable screen real estate where your hand can rest while holding the phone.

Are you a fan of the nearly bezel-less designs showing up on flagship phones? Answer the poll below and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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