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Essential Phone will be exclusive to TELUS in Canada

Andy Rubin’s startup Essential made its debut a few weeks ago, and needless to say, we’re all pretty excited for the company’s first smartphone to hit the market. Quite a few US buyers of the device may have been disappointed to learn that the phone would be a carrier exclusive to Sprint in the States, and now our neighbors up north are facing a similar issue — TELUS has just announced it will be the exclusive carrier of the Essential Phone.

Essential Stories June 12

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A report emerged yesterday claiming that Sprint would be the exclusive carrier for the Essential Phone, a move that was confirmed by Sprint this morning. What this means for customers in the US is that Andy Rubin’s brand new smartphone can only be bought unlocked for full price or through a single carrier. Will the prospects of you purchasing the Essential Phone be diminished if you can’t buy it from a different cellular carrier?

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Essential Stories June 9

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This past Wednesday at WIRED’s Business Conference, Andy Rubin took the stage to share more about his new company, Essential. Having begun teasing various products over the previous months, we were eager to hear more.

After his on-stage appearance, 9to5Google got time to sit down with Rubin. We discussed how AmbientOS plans to play well with others, what his vision for the company is, and consumer walled-gardens.

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Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!


Essential Stories June 6

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Several days ago, Andy Rubin officially unveiled the smartphone that his new startup, Essential, had developed. What Rubin believes will make the handset stand out is its ability to add accessories via magnetic pogo pins, such as a 360-degree camera. Do you think the 360-degree camera is compelling enough to purchase the phone alongside it rather than a standalone camera?

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The Essential Phone finally went official last week and while the bezel-less phone itself is quite impressive, it’s not the only thing that should have your attention with this device. On the rear of the phone you’ll find two POGO pins that can be used for accessories, the first of which is a 360-degree camera developed by Essential, and now the first clips from that camera are hitting the web.

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Essential Stories June 2

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Essential launched its first smartphone yesterday, but the company’s ambitions go far beyond just Android-powered handsets. For one example, Essential also launched the Essential Home, a smart hardware assistant made to go head-to-head with Google Home and Amazon Echo. Now, a patent discovered by Patently Apple suggests the company is also looking into building augmented reality glasses as well…

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