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Whenever a company is purchased by another company, chances are they’ll one day be consumed by the new company. News today came out that Microsoft, who purchased the widely popular Wunderlist to-do list app in 2015, would soon be replacing the service with one of its own. So with Wunderlist going away, what to-do list application will you be switching to?

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Wunderlist was a great way for either individuals to create lists of things that they needed to get done or even teams of people to share so that they could keep track of the progression of different projects. Thankfully, even though Wunderlist is going away, Microsoft is replacing it with a new application called To-Do. The downside for those who don’t like working with Microsoft’s software is that it will now be a part of Office 365 with a lot of Outlook integrations.

Now, if you want to move to a different to-do list type of application, there are plenty of good choices to choose from that work both on mobile devices as well as on the web. These include Google Keep, Todoist, Anylist, as well as hundreds of other options. The deciding factor with any of these apps is if you like their layouts and if the extra features offered within each one fits your needs.

What to-do list application will you use now that Wunderlist is going away? Are you already using a different to-do application? Answer the poll below and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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