One of those little things that can make the experience on a device better are the wallpapers. A good wallpaper that you don’t have to work to find is a great little perk, and lately, Google has been doing a great job with this feature. Now, the company has pushed an update to give the Pixel and every other device with its wallpapers app brand new options.

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It’s difficult to tell exactly how many new wallpapers were added since Google’s changelog doesn’t specify anything on that front, but there are obviously quite a few additions. Just looking at the “Earth” and “Cityscape” sections of the app between devices with the updated and former versions of the app, I can easily spot a handful that have been added.

The few that have been added are just as gorgeous as the former options too. Every wallpaper in Google Wallpapers works across devices and is high-resolution enough to look great on any display — from the Google Pixel to the Galaxy S8, they look excellent.¬†Google Wallpapers is available for download on Google Play. The app’s latest update also brings along some UI changes, but I have yet to notice anything significant.

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