With the removal of Samsung’s trademarked physical home button from the Galaxy S8 and S8+, the procedure for taking a screenshot has slightly changed. Thankfully, Samsung is now using the standard Android method, but the company has also included several other ways to capture sections of your smartphone’s display…

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How to take a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy S8 with the physical buttons:

  1. Navigate to the screen which you wish to take a screenshot of.
  2. At the same time, press and hold down the Power button and Volume down button.
  3. Hold the buttons until there is a bouncing animation on the screen. If you have the sound turned on, there will also be a sound effect.

How to take a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy S8 with the Smart Select Edge Panel:

  1. Go to the Galaxy S8’s Settings Menu and tap on Display
  2. Select the Edge Screen option and toggle it on
  3. Swipe in from the right edge where the indicator is located
  4. Tap on Settings button at the bottom of the display that looks like a gear
  5. Enable the Smart Select panel by selecting the check mark above it
  6. Now when you swipe on the Edge Panel indicator, continue swiping until you reach the Smart Select panel
  7. Tap on either OvalRectangle, or Animation
  8. A new window will appear over your phone’s display. Drag and resize it until you are covering the area that you wish to capture
  9. Click Done or Record before saving your screenshot

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