Typically, when Google rolls out an update to Play Services, it introduces new features or functionality to Android. One instance of this was when Google rolled out Assistant to most modern smartphones. If you want these updates even earlier, you can enroll in Google Play Services beta track. Here’s how…

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Steps to join the Google Play Services beta on Android

  1. Sign up for the beta track
  2. Manually check for updates periodically

1. Sign up for the beta track

Despite the fact that Google Play Services gets updated through the Play Store just like any other application, it can’t be searched for directly. To find it, you have to open this link on your Android device. Once you open the listing, scroll to the bottom of the page and enroll in the beta.

If you need help signing up for the beta, you can check out this Android Basics for a step-by-step tutorial.

2. Manually check for updates periodically

When updates become available, just like with regular applications, they don’t immediately get installed. So if you want the latest version of Play Services anytime you hear an update is available, just head back to the listing through this link and hit the Update button.

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