It seems like every time we get a new version of Android, we also get a new take on the quick settings menu as well. It’s evolved a lot over the years, but with the second Android P developer preview, Google is actually taking a step back…

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If you’ll recall in the first developer preview for Android P, Google switched the quick settings menu from the paginated view seen in Android Oreo for a new scrolling list. It was an interesting move for sure, and personally, I wasn’t a fan. Now, in this latest update, Google has swapped out the scrolling for the paginated option.

Just like in Oreo, if you have more quick settings than you can see on one screen, the rest overflow to a new page which you access with a swipe. It works well, and feels more natural compared to the vertical scrolling.

Google has also added a new notifier to the quick settings menu which shows upcoming alarms and your ringer mode up above the quick settings. Tapping these options doesn’t actually do anything, oddly, but it’s good to have that info available at a glance.

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