In March, Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides added an Activity dashboard that allows users to see a file’s history and read status. The feature is now gaining more viewing statistics and the ability to quickly email collaborators.

The Activity dashboard is aimed at making it easier to collaborate and provide other useful insights. New “Viewing patterns” build on the first set of read status stats. A new chart lets you see how many people have viewed a file over time. This “Viewer trend” tab includes controls to adjust the date range and dive into specific data points for more details.

Meanwhile, from the “Shared with” panel, users can quickly send a message to file collaborators. Users can select all or just pick certain ones. Afterwards, you can type out a message right from the dialogue and have it send directly from that Doc, Sheet, or Slide.

It joins the existing capability to see the viewing history to check whether a file has been read or whether users have checked a file after a major update. Google notes that more actionable and collaborative features are coming to this dashboard over time.

These features will be available to users on G Suite Business, Enterprise, Education, and Nonprofit editions in the coming weeks.

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