GraphicsFuzz, a company with a self-described mission of finding graphics driver bugs and helping to quickly fix them, has announced today that it has been acquired by Google.

Essentially, GraphicsFuzz’ technology centered combining fuzzing and “metamorphic testing” to create a “highly automatic” method for testing graphics drivers. You can actually try their demo from your browser, and read more over at Medium.

GraphicsFuzz has pioneered the combination of fuzzing and metamorphic testing to yield a highly automatic method for testing graphics drivers that quickly finds and fixes bugs that could undermine reliability and security before they affect end users.

The small company is made up of just 3 people that will now be joining the Android Graphics Team: Alastair Donaldson, Hugues Evrard, and Paul Thomson. to “integrate their specialist graphics driver testing technology within the Android ecosystem.”

“The acquisition by Google is a fantastic opportunity to maximise the worldwide impact of our graphics driver testing technology,” GraphicsFuzz director Alastair Donaldson said.

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