In just two days, Samsung is set to unveil the Galaxy Note 9 at an event in New York City. We’ve already learned a whole lot about the phone from leaks, including a video shared by Samsung itself, but today yet another leak is coming out to confirm some details and provide clarification.

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We’ve been hearing about the Note 9’s specs for months at this point, and it’s honestly a pretty predictable phone. The Note 9, like the Note 8 before it, is lining up closely with its Galaxy S counterpart. This year, that means a Snapdragon 845 at the center. This time, though, the base storage is apparently going to land at 128GB. As we’ve previously learned, there will also be a 512GB tier.

According to WinFuture, Samsung is also planning on adding more RAM with that higher tier, maxing things out at 8GB with 6GB on the base model. Pricing in the UK will apparently land at 899 pounds for 128GB/6GB and 1099 pounds for 512GB/8GB. Further, this latest report once again mentions a 6.4-inch AMOLED display.

Most notably here, though, is the new collection of leaked marketing materials WinFuture has also revealed. These new images firstly detail the S-Pen, confirming that it will be Bluetooth enabled and will support remote features such as snapping photos. The report also mentions that Screen-Off memos will now match the color of the S-Pen, meaning the yellow S-Pen that ships with the Blue model will draw in bright yellow. This is something we saw in Samsung’s previously leaked teaser ad.

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These leaked materials also confirm the dual-aperture camera. Just like the Galaxy S9, this feature will allow the Note 9’s primary camera sensor to switch between f/2.4 and f/1.5 depending on the available light. The materials also mention AI enhancements which make it “nearly impossible” to take a bad shot. This looks similar to the AI camera features we’ve seen on devices from Huawei and other OEMs.

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Further, we also get confirmation that Samsung’s DeX feature won’t require a dock with this device, instead being available through a simple USB-C to HDMI cable. A final leaked promo image also describes the Note 9 as a phone “powerful enough to keep up with you.” perhaps hinting at the upgraded specs or the 4,000 mAh battery.

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Samsung is announcing the Note 9 in just a couple of days, and apparently, pre-orders are going to open up shortly after the event. The phone itself is expected to go on sale later this month around the 24th with pre-order bundles available.

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