Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Stories Today

Samsung’s Galaxy Note series has always been one to go a bit over the top, and the Note 9 certainly fits the bill there. With a 512GB storage tier in tow, it’s possible to carry a full terabyte in your pocket. Of course, that commands a high price, but apparently, customers are absolutely willing to pay it…

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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Stories Yesterday

Durability test reveals that all of the buttons on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 are pretty easy to remove [Video]

Samsung’s hardware for the past several years has honestly been nothing short of impressive. The company really turned things around from the plastic they were once known for, and now with the Note 9, things aren’t changing one bit. Although, interestingly, all of the buttons can be easily removed.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 goes on sale this Friday in the US, and after playing with it in NYC earlier this month I was eager to get my hands on a unit. Now, I’ve spent the past few days with the Note 9 as my daily driver, and I’ve got some thoughts on Samsung’s latest flagship.

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Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 is already selling better than the Galaxy S9 w/ pre-orders

It’s no secret that Samsung has been struggling to get its Galaxy S9 into the hands of customers. While the company has still sold a ton of phones, the numbers were pretty disappointing compared to the company’s other devices. Now, apparently, the Galaxy Note 9 is already blowing it out of the water.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Stories August 19

How to take a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9

If you just picked up a Samsung Galaxy Note 9, you’re in for a treat with this excellent new smartphone. However, if this is your first Android device, or even your first Samsung device, you might run into some pretty basic questions. One of those might be how to take a screenshot, so let’s answer that.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Stories August 17

One of the biggest highlights of Samsung’s Galaxy S9 earlier this year was the camera, and the super slow-motion video mode got a lot of attention. That same feature is available on the Note 9, and with the phone’s first update, it’s getting an extra option.

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