Google Assistant speakers are quickly taking over and today Sony has unveiled its latest Assistant speaker with the portable XB501G.

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One thing I’ve personally noticed in the Assistant speaker market, is that when it comes to delivering louder sounds in a bigger size, you’re almost always attached to a wall. Sony’s latest might just fix that problem, though, delivering a larger speaker that runs on a battery and is definitely suited to outdoor use.

The XB501G is first and foremost a speaker, and as a part of Sony’s EXTRA BASS branding, it packs some serious sound. The 2.1 speaker has angled 1-3/4″ satellite speakers with a 4.92” subwoofer. It can stream music over Wi-Fi or pair to your smartphone with Bluetooth. It also uses Sony’s LIVE SOUND technology to give “you a three-dimensional sound experience just like you were at a music festival or concert venue.”

The speaker also has built-in colored LEDs and a strobe light, as well as IP65 water resistance and up to 16 hours of battery life. Of course, with Assistant built-in, it also packs plenty of microphones to accept your voice commands. Pricing lands at $299 and Sony says the sales will kick off in October. You can see more on the XB501G on Sony’s website.

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