Google Keep is a popular way to store miscellaneous notes, and soon, Google is bringing back a much-requested feature. Google Keep will once again be the home of the Google Assistant shopping list.

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A Googler took to Reddit this week (via XDA-Developers) to comment on Keep’s recent redesign. He notes that more changes are coming soon and that the team behind Keep is “just getting started.” The verified account goes on to confirm a detail that users have been asking about for quite some time – Google Keep is bringing back support for the Google Assistant shopping list.

Early last year, Google swapped the location of the Assistant shopping list from Google Keep, where it was at launch, over to Google Express. The feature has evolved a bit over time, but it remains in that location. Many users, myself included, have been frustrated with this change, as it’s much harder to access the list.

Back at I/O 2018, Google detailed that users would soon be able to set a default Notes and Lists service. Our recent APK Insights of the Google app revealed that the functionality is still in-development.

“Soon,” though, it appears Keep will once again be an option for this list. Google already confirmed Assistant integration with Keep previously, but responding to a user asking if Keep will support the list instead of Express, this Googler simply replies “yes.”

There’s no timeline for this change yet and, if it weren’t obvious, it’s not live on any devices.

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